What are the advantages of Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

In the present scenario, VPS hosting has become an easy and popular solution for most of the businesses. VPS hosting is a completely customizable and upgradable solution and so, businesses prefer to invest in it instead of the conventional cloud solutions. Moreover, business owners who like to get a bit of control over the environment can enjoy the same with a VPS hosting solution. With this new age hosting solution, the users can install the software on their own and customize the environment, based on their own requirement.

VPS Hosting hosted in India

VPS hosting in India help organizations of different industry verticals to expand and prosper in the shortest time possible. The use of VPS hosting in India has grown significantly these days with the upsurge in the launching of websites every now and then. VPS hosting is reported to be an apt panacea to address challenges like reliance on other websites being hosted on the same server. As noted, the VPS server hosting in India is capable of serving dual purposes: it acts as a cost-efficient source when comparing with the dedicated (dediziert) physical server and considers being more reliable, efficient and secure while weighing against shared server.

There is a revelation that users can get the leverage for root access as soon as they host their web-based applications on VPS servers. This clearly reflects the customization of this web hosting solution, helping individuals and businesses to strengthen their online presence with ease. Besides, service providers of VPS hosting in India claim to provide servers that are attuned to run with both Windows and Linux.

dedicated server

Windows VPS hosting is a virtual private server with Microsoft Windows as an operating system and with dedicated resources to host sites. When one buys a Windows VPS Hosting it comes with Microsoft Windows 2016, 2012 or 2008 as an operating system. If one is an administrative user, one will have full administrative access to the server, e.g., full access to the file system and to the registry system of the Server.

One can access the remote desktop of one’s Windows VPS server using RPD protocol. One’s android or iOS devices can also connect to the remote desktop of one’s Windows VPS. Windows VPS machines are created using Microsoft’s HyperV technology. Using Microsoft HyperV, the host server is virtualized and Windows VPS is created. In a host server, operating systems of different Windows VPS machines are completely isolated from operating systems from each other.

Cheap windows VPS hosting plans offer many benefits to businesses making a Windows VPS hosting provider rather popular. In VPS hosting, a single server is compartmentalized to create many virtual servers. Each server in a VPS environment will function independently. The users are given root access to the server and they can change its settings to suit their business objectives. Windows OS can be run by businesses which use applications like ASP or ASP.NET that can operate in a Windows-only environment. So, businesses which get a lot of web traffic and run very complex applications can benefit from a Windows VPS hosting provider.

  • A Windows VPS hosting provider is popular because these VPS solutions are cost-effective and secure. They are supported by Microsoft professionals and the virtual servers are robust and can manage businesses deftly.


  • Windows VPS plans are preferred by companies because Microsoft has many years of experience in software development. This allows the company to rightly understand what their buyers want.


  • Microsoft has invested a lot of funds over the years into coming out with innovative and effective server solutions, making Windows hosting options more preferable for client enterprises.


  • Because of its extensive research over the years, Microsoft has successfully launched many tutorials and guides as well as customer service options which are designed to help clients understand the systems and the best ways to manipulate these systems.


  • Windows VPS hosting plans also offer a number of interesting features. While these can differ from one hosting provider to another, Microsoft is willing to give additional support for them. These bonus features include faster updates, additional customer service, better answers to queries etc.


  • Finally, a prime advantage is when one signs up with a Windows VPS hosting provider is the long-standing liaison which companies enjoy with Windows operating systems. There are businesses for instance, which will run in a Windows-only environment. This is because they use only Windows software and documents for doing a wide range of tasks. Windows VPS will naturally work better with other products from Microsoft and therefore one will not need to be worried about data transfers in an out of one’s virtual servers or matching this data with other databases.

These advantages prove that when a company uses and relies upon Microsoft products regularly, it makes sense to opt for Windows VPS plans. VPS servers offer paramount protective features and boosted performance.

Advantages of cheap Windows VPS Hosting in India

There are a number of companies offering VPS hosting in India and Windows operating system is one of the best windows VPS hosting available in India are a compelling solution for individuals as well as companies who run complicated applications and heavy-traffic websites and in an environment which is well protected. Thus, cheapest Windows VPS hosting in India provides extremely protected, fast hosting services, enhanced search engine optimizations and maestro performances.VPS is expandable to virtual private serversanother. 

When one can buy cheap windows VPS hosting located in India plans, one can benefit from nearly all the advantages offered by dedicated hosting. The best part about using Windows VPS hosting is that these servers can be easy to handle. Most users are familiar with the Windows operating system. Compared to dedicated hosting plans from Windows, their VPS plans are far cheaper. If one signs up for managed hosting, the hosting provider will troubleshoot all server problems leaving one’s IT team free to focus on other key business areas.

Windows VPS hosting is preferable to customers because of the reliability they offer. Microsoft has been in this industry for long and the company has over the years invested heavily in developing user-friendly tools and software solutions. This is why Microsoft can right anticipate the needs of clients. It can respond to their demands and needs be coming up with innovative products.

For businesses which run applications like ASP or ASP.Net that will operate in a Windows-only setting, choosing Windows VPS hosting is a must. Without Windows, these applications cannot run.

Another benefit of signing up with Windows VPS hosting plans is that one can benefit from the hundreds of guides and tutorials available online. For examples, the Hyper-V Hosting is one such solution available with both 2012 and 2008 versions of this operating system.

The hosting plans offered by vendors, many differ from one web host to another; one can, however rely on complete support from Microsoft. The best part about Windows VPS hosting is that it will be compatible with all other Microsoft tools and products one uses.

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